Consumer Market

Millions of Nigerian homes lack grid power, and rely instead on kerosene lanterns, candles, and other expensive and polluting solutions. Small-scale solar is an appropriate solution for these homes. Until now, obstacles to growth in this market have included the lack of scale of qualified vendors, and the lack of financing solutions that would enable consumers to spread payments for their equipment over time.

Through its Consumer Market component, Solar Nigeria is helping capable solar vendors and financiers to rapidly expand their capacity to reach consumers with financed solar solutions. A pilot programme launched in 2015 is providing capacity building grants to qualified solar companies, as well as grants to help banks and micro-finance institutions extend credit to consumers.

The grant recipients are businesses that are making solar available to consumers, while consumers pay the full cost of the equipment. This approach is designed to ensure that the grants help build a larger and sustainable market for solar.

In 2016, over 166,000 homes acquired a solar lighting system thanks to Solar Nigeria. Systems range from portable devices that include a single lamp, to Solar Homes Systems that power multiple lights and other appliances.