Lagos Solar Project

Lagos Solar is Nigeria’s largest distributed social solar project to date, providing nearly 5MW of solar power in total. It supplies electricity to 175 secondary schools and 11 primary healthcare centres (PHCs) in rural, riverine, and peri-urban areas of Lagos State Each school or clinic is equipped with one or several systems of 5kW to 25kW capacity. The systems are configured to meet all of the facility’s power needs.

Lagos Solar is a collaboration between Lagos State Electricity Board (LSEB) and Solar Nigeria. Lagos State Government and DFID contributed GBP15m each towards the project. LSEB owns and maintains the completed installations.

Lagos Solar installations were commissioned in three phases between December 2014 and April 2016. They have already had a major impact on recipient schools and clinics. Schools report improved student participation, teacher and staff morale, and ability to add and use equipment ranging from classroom fans to computer lab facilities. Clinics report improved conditions for staff and patients, and are registering an increase in patient numbers, including more mothers coming to give birth in safe and clean surroundings – particularly for night-time deliveries.

At both schools and clinics, the solar installation allows a drastic reduction in the use of diesel or petrol generators, resulting in less air and noise pollution, and the reallocation of scarce funding for other uses directly related to teaching or patient care.