Northern Social Project

Northern Nigeria has the country’s largest potential for solar energy, and the greatest need for electricity. Many communities are beyond the reach of an already overloaded and unreliable grid.

Solar Nigeria is partnering with donors and state governments in the North to deliver reliable solar energy for key services, particularly primary health.

Kaduna Solar Clinics is a joint investment by Kaduna State Government and DFID. The project supplies 24/7 off-grid electricity to 34 primary health care centres (PHCs) in rural and peri-urban areas of Kaduna State. All sites were operational by February 2017, with individual systems sizes ranging between 5KW-25KW. The project has provided 1.5MW of solar power and covers not only technology and installation, but training and maintenance support geared to secure a long term steady power supply.

Borno Solar Hospitals is the most recent project of this kind and is a DFID intervention to provide off-grid power to three second tier hospitals in Borno State. The installations were completed in May 2017 and provide 0.4MW of solar power in total.